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In my opinion, the training course gets 11 out of 10 stars!

Effektiv Nu has been training the employees at Schneider Electric since 2017. We had the pleasure of speaking to Robert Flinth, Sales Director at the division for Digital Energy within Schneider Electric, to share his experiences of the collaboration with Effektiv Nu. Robert who completed the Work Smarter training course back in 2018, chose to retake the course in 2024 with his current team.

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An efficiency training that takes it to the next level!

Effektiv Nu has been providing training for the Operation department at Academic Work since 2021. In an interview, Sofie Hillborg and Sara Sjöberg share their experience of the training and its impact on their employees and organization.

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An education that inspires continuous learning

Karin Hallendal Skogh is a Leadership Developer at PostNord and is responsible for conducting and coordinating training, coaching, and education in leadership internally within PostNord, and coordinating external education providers’ efforts.

Improved working methods and a healthier everyday life

In 2021, Effektiv Nu trained all officials at Wilzéns Produktion AB in Linköping as part of a major ongoing change process. Herman Nilsson is KMA manager at Wilzéns and tells in an interview with Effektiv Nu about the experience of the education and the effect it has had for increased quality assurance and a better psychosocial work environment.

A course that makes a difference – for real!

Mia Nordström is the Senior Policy Advisor E-mobility at Vattenfall. In an interview, Mia explains how Open Training with Effektiv Nu was an important step in helping her get back with a sustainable structure and greater sense of digital control.

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Greater control and reduced stress in day-to-day life

Using working hours in the smartest possible way can make a big difference, both to productivity and to the employees’ own well-being. This is something that the staff at the University of Gävle have experienced.

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Internal traffic rules contributing to a better working environment

Cecilia Engelbrektsson is HR Manager at Skill, and has worked at the company for 11 years. She has previously worked as a district manager in the food industry and has been a training manager.

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Interview with Morten Lundqvist, Norner

Norner was founded 10 years ago after more than 30 years as part of a large petrochemical corporation, and is now a plastics and polymer development institute. Morten Lundqvist works as Head of Research at Norner. In an interview, he talks about the training initiative that was conducted alongside Effektiv Nu.

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Interview with Holistic

Peter Hencz is Chief Executive Officer of Holistic Sweden AB. Holistic is a Swedish knowledge company that develops and sells pure food supplements and Superfood. In an interview, he talks about his experience of the course with Effektiv Nu.

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Use the right tools to be effective

Mikael Victor is the CFO at the Swedish Hotel and Restaurant Workers’ Union (HRF). He has a wide-ranging role, with responsibility for everything related to finance and facility management, office services, reception and cleaning. In an interview, he talks about the course he attended with Effektiv Nu.

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The change starts right away – Interview with the Swedish Electricians’ Union

Helena Eriksson is Chief Financial Officer of the Swedish Electricians’ Union, and is responsible for the union’s administration and finances. In an interview, she talks about the training initiative that was conducted with Effektiv Nu.

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Courses with Sweco Karlstad

Fredrik Björk and Daniel Jernstedt, Sweco Karlstad, describe what it was like to attend the Personal Efficiency course. Fredrik and Daniel are both group managers, each having personnel responsibility for around 20 employees.

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We freed up 5–10 per cent of our working time!

After taking the course in Personal Efficiency, the sales team at SPP work better together. With the right tools to deal with stress and time thieves, the result is a smoother working day – and better sales staff.


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Smarter day-to-day life after the course

Viktoria Vassiliadis is the HR Manager at Universal Music. A collaboration with Effektiv Nu has meant that the organisation now has a greater knowledge about how to work smartly and efficiently, while at the same time reducing stress during the working day.

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Slam-dunk for Effektiv Nu

Sanna Westerberg is Head of Training at Telenor. She has worked hard to create competitive skills development that everyone at the company can share in. Effektiv Nu has become an important piece of the puzzle in Telenor’s offering to its employees.

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Clearer and more efficient working days now that Effektiv Nu is training our staff

The company Gruppo Di Luca was named Supplier of the Year 2011 at the Swedish Grocery Gala. Three years later, they were named Entrepreneur of the Year 2014. In an interview with Effektiv Nu, CEO Christian Di Luca talks about the decision to make Effektiv Nu the main supplier for the entire company’s efficiency training, which is also mandatory for all new employees.

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Effektiv Nu trains key staff at the joint offices of the Swedish Sports Confederation (RF) and SISU Idrottsutbildarna

Are we making the best use of our working hours and our software? To answer this question, the Swedish Sports Confederation and SISU Idrottsutbildarna have allowed their management team and other selected employees to be trained by Effektiv Nu on several occations.
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An internal working method that reduces stress at the same time as we get more done

Brandskyddslaget is a consultancy company in the field of fire safety, risk management and sprinkler design, and has operations in Stockholm, Karlstad, Gävle, Falun and Örebro.


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