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Effective Meetings



About the training course

Collective research on meetings in larger organisations points to two major problems: 1) there are too many of them 2) they are too unstructured. In this training, you will learn how to create a professional and sustainable meeting culture where there are clear roles and meeting rules. You also create a strategy for what to do before, during and after meetings so that nothing is forgotten and you can maintain maximum productivity. The content is in workshop format and you practice together with the other participants. You walk away from the training with templates, working methodology and knowledge of how to keep the amount of meetings as low and as efficient as possible, regardless of whether you are a meeting leader or participant.

  • Format: Workshop
  • Target audience: Everyone
  • Time required: Adapted as needed
  • Location: Physical/Digital

Purpose and goal

The purpose is to create a healthy and rewarding meeting culture.

The goal is to create efficient and impactful meetings together.



  • Concrete tools for planning, preparing, implementing and post-work meetings
  • Create meeting rules
  • Create structure for your meetings
  • Different forms of meetings (pros and cons)
  • Roles in the meeting (lead and participate)
  • Create common templates for different meetings
  • Technology as leverage in meetings (Teams, Outlook, OneNote)

Location and equipment

During the training session, all participants will require the following:

  • Own computer and charger
  • Access to Teams, Outlook and OneNote
  • A good internet connection for the digital training course


All our training courses can be completed both physically and remotely!


  • Flexible training course environment (physical or distance)
  • Individual feasibility study – completed electronically (approx. 5 min)
  • Documentation – sending of compendium and technical guides


Quality guarantee – if you are not satisfied, you do not have to pay!

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