Quotes from
some of our satisfied

Imagine if I had attended this training course 20 years ago when I stepped into working life, what a huge win it would have been! But it’s never too late. Our entire staff had the opportunity to attend three digital courses; personal efficiency, effective meetings, and technical training in Outlook and OneNote. We felt that we were in safe hands from start to finish and we had a very good dialogue with Linn, Christopher, and Manne who are good listeners, and ensured that this training course lived up to our expectations. Our educators Christopher and Manne are professional and experienced. They managed to create an engaging atmosphere and handled all of our questions with the utmost professionalism. We can warmly recommend the training courses from Effektiv Nu to everyone! Even if you already are an experienced user of these digital tools, we can ensure that you will get a lot of good tips and tricks.”

Katariina Eskola & Hanna Heller

HR-generalists, Länsstyrelsen Skåne

“I feel like living proof that having tools for structure, planning and prioritisation makes a big difference. For me, the most important difference has been that I used to keep a lot in my head, which affected both my sleep and all my free time – the job was always in the back of my mind – whereas now I can feel 100% sure that I made Outlook tasks for everything I need to remember, so when I shut down the computer for the day I can really leave work at work. This makes it a joy to turn on the work computer the next day and find a complete to-do list, wisely balanced and prioritised. It’s like a gift to myself from the day before. A big, big thank you for that! This is knowledge I will enjoy for the rest of my life.”

Elisabeth Biström

Participants from an open training course with Effektiv Nu

“What has been most important in the selection of suppliers for us is that the courses we offer our staff are of really high quality. The content must be relevant and good and the course leaders must be able to convey this in the right way. Effektiv Nu has been part of our offering for a while now and has actually received top marks in the evaluations of all training courses.”

Sanna Westerberg

Former Head of Training at Telenor

“We are a company with a stated ambition to be at the leading edge. To succeed, we need an organisation and staff that thrive, are committed and efficient. With their personal commitment and pedagogy, Effektiv Nu and Manne have been extremely important in our development work in efficiency and the ability to structure everyday life. The Personal Efficiency program has significantly improved the way we work. The training is very hands-on, you walk away with useful tools from day one.”

Christian Di Luca

CEO – Gruppo Di Luca

“Working as a headmaster is a stimulating and important job. But it is also associated with long working days, stress and a feeling of being inadequate! Keeping to the budget, increasing the goal fulfilment of our students, the work environment, being present as a manager…, that’s just to start with. After our lecture with Manne on “efficiency now and the keys to its achievement”, it became clear how stress and pressure can change through awareness and planning to do the right things at the right time. I can warmly recommend this lecture that has made a difference in my work as head teacher!”

Viveca Höglund

Head teacher at Solenskolan Härnösand Municipality

“We wanted a training course that helped everyone in the organisation, regardless of role. It was decided that a pilot group would attend the training. The pilot training course was completed at the end of 2016 and since then, another 9 groups attended the training course during the autumn and the spring of 2017. A total of about 140 of 190 employees at Sweco Karlstad have completed the training course as well as a group in Helsingborg. We have also followed up the training course among the employees and the general feeling of those who have participated is that the training was really good! Even those who were sceptical of the training course before, subsequently said that it was a great training course, so Effektiv Nu gets a high score.”

Fredrik Björk and Daniel Jernstedt

Sweco Karlstad

“The most efficient efficiency course I can think of. Manne has the ability to maintain the attention and focus of the participants until the very last minute of the training course. Thanks to his professional approach, clear messages and a method that works, the training course has led to lasting behavioural changes in the participants. One year after the training course, we’re still talking about him. I highly recommend Manne’s training courses.”

Angelika Tung Johnsson

County Administrative Board, Jämtland County

“Manne is a true inspiration who in a very pedagogical and structured way helps the person he coaches to focus and become more efficient. In addition, Manne has fantastic knowledge of people and great empathy, which means that he adapts his coaching completely to the individual.”

Johan Harvey

Site Manager – Audi Järva Krog

“An ‘Aha’ experience, Motivational, Inspirational, Professional, Tools that are really hands-on! It works in everyday life – you become more efficient! These are just a few words that genuinely describe the experience and feeling you have after efficiency training with Effektiv Nu. The course has definitely helped me become more efficient in my daily life. Manne’s inspiring manner and method of coaching mean that you really make sure that something happens and that your behavioural change really lasts. It’s really amazing how easy it actually is and how efficient you become. Effektiv Nu’s training courses are something I highly recommend.”

Maria Paris

Vattenfall – Facility Management

“It’s a good thing I got the chance to take this efficiency course with Manne at Effektiv Nu. It’s made my everyday life easier in many ways, for example after the course I now use Microsoft Outlook and One Note the right way, which I did not do before. Every day I carry out my daily revision before I go home, and this has made me feel much calmer and more secure in my work. With his personal commitment and knowledge, Manne has an incredible ability to make us participants want to learn to work in a more efficient and structured way. I highly recommend that everyone take this rewarding course.”

Ann-Louise Lindeman

Operational Excellence, Söderberg & Partners

“At first I was a little sceptical about the course, but now we are creating an internal way of working that reduces stress while getting more done.”

Martin Olander

CEO of Brandskyddslaget AB

“Do we make the best use of our working hours and our software? To answer this question, the Riksidrottsförbundet (RF) and SISU Idrottsutbildarna have had their management team and other selected employees trained by Effektiv Nu on several occasions. Effektiv Nu showed us good methods to reduce stress and increase efficiency at work. The course was very rewarding for me personally – even though I already had a good grasp of my computer tools.”

Jens Lindquist

Process and project manager at SISU Sports Educators

“I have always considered myself to be very structured and thorough in my work and my manner of working. But I had the opportunity to attend this training course and did so with an open mind. It was not until after about 6 months that I realised how much this training course has helped me, it was a particular eye opener was when my partner pointed out that it was so nice that I no longer worked from home – something I used to think I didn’t do that often! I have also freed up much more time, all my tasks are structured, I don’t miss any deadlines and I also have time to prepare so thoroughly before carrying out my year-end accounting that time spent on this has now been reduced from days to hours! It feels like I no longer think “work” when I am at home, I am more focused and get my tasks completed during regular working hours. When I’m off the clock, I really am off the clock! I have only praise with Manne and his team at Effektiv Nu.”

Marcus Akmal

Sales Manager – Audi Hammarby Sjöstad

“To think that with such simple methods I have been able to create order and have been able to free up more time, and it’s been there right in front of my nose the whole time. However, it wasn’t something I knew until now. I thank you, Manne for sharing your knowledge and making it easy for me to achieve complete control and never miss anything again. I feel so much better today! Thanks also to my employer who made sure we got to meet Manne.”


Staff – Hässelby Hem