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Microsoft 365


Digital skills

About the training course

Microsoft 365 is a training course aimed at all employees within an organisation where Microsoft 365 is used. The training course is carried out in a workshop format where the course instructor alternates between demonstrating functionality and practical exercises, to give the participant the greatest possible variation and to stimulate different types of learning. During the training, all participants work using their own computers, which means that the participant has a direct effect on their own utilisation.

  • Format: Workshop
  • Target audience: Everyone
  • Time required: Adapted as needed
  • Location: Physical/Digital

Purpose and goal

The purpose is to teach a new way to handle today’s technology and inspire increased utilisation.

The goal is to become more efficient, increase productivity and facilitate cooperation internally.


Technical and digital skills enhancement

We enhance the participant’s technical and digital skills by training in:


Microsoft 365

  • Email client
    • Program: Microsoft Outlook
    • Goal: To learn to use the full potential of the program and thus free up time.
  • Digital notes
    • Program: Microsoft OneNote
    • Goal: Change the way you take notes, from handwritten to a secure digital environment.
  • Communication and collaboration
    • Program: Teams and Planner
    • Goal: To learn to use the full potential of the programs and thereby free up time and facilitate internal collaboration.
  • Storage
    • Program: SharePoint and OneDrive
    • Goal: To learn the difference between storage areas and gain an understanding of where different types of documents should be stored.

Location and equipment

During the training session, all participants will require the following:

  • Own computer and charger
  • Access to the email client
  • All programs involved during the training installed
  • A good internet connection for the digital training course


All our training courses can be completed both physically and remotely!


  • Flexible training course environment (physical or distance)
  • 24 months support from the course instructor (counted from part 1)
  • Documentation – sending of  technical guides
  • Feedback to clients after completion of training


Quality guarantee – if you are not satisfied, you do not have to pay!

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