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Internal Traffic Regulations



About the workshop

We have thousands of cars driving on the roads, but why not thousands of accidents every day? Imagine that the organisation is the road, and all your colleagues are road users. How clear are the traffic regulations within your organisation? Creating guidelines for When, Why, What and How to use our digital tools contributes to a uniform way of working in the organisation. With clear internal traffic regulations, we can minimise collisions, which means that you free up uninterrupted working hours for the entire organisation and remove uncertainty that drains energy and reduces focus. The Internal Traffic Regulations are developed in a workshop format where the participants can jointly discuss which guidelines should be applied within the organisation.

  • Format: Workshop
  • Target audience: Management/selected group
  • Time required: 0.5 – 1.5 full days
  • Location: Physical/Digital

Purpose and goal

The purpose is to illuminate and find solutions to challenges or conflicts that arise due to ambiguity or inefficient use of the organisation’s tools and premises.

The goal is to produce the necessary guidelines and an implementation plan for the organisation’s future well-being, structure and common working methods.


Effektiv Nu participates with two consultants and handles all forms of documentation, acts as moderator and compiles an implementation plan.


Examples of areas we recommend touching on:

Technical tools – Microsoft 365

  • Outlook (email and calendar)
  • OneNote
  • OneDrive/SharePoint (storage)
  • Teams
  • Planner

Workplace and communication

  • Guidelines for effective and productive meetings
  • Guidelines for telephone use
  • Guidelines for internal communication and attitudes in the workplace


  • Flexible workshop environment (physical or remote)
  • Compilation of Internal Traffic Regulations (ITR)
  • Implementation plan


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