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Personal efficiency

Open Training

Working life has changed. Rapid digital development and fierce global competition…

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Work Smarter

Work Smarter is our most popular training course aimed at all employees within an organisation…

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Digital skills

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a training course aimed at all employees within an organisation where Microsoft 36…

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Smart Mobile Management

Smart Mobile Management is aimed at anyone who primarily uses their mobile phone or tablet as their…

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Internal Traffic Rules

We have thousands of cars driving on the roads, but why not thousands of accidents every day…

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Effective Meetings

Collective research on meetings in larger organisations points to two major problems…

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Working in ABW

An Activity-Based Work environment involves the use of “flexible offices”, where the individual does not have a permanent workpl…

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Inspirational lectures

Inspirational lectures

During a lecture with us, the audience is inspired by new thoughts and ideas about how they can handle their…

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