Curiosity about other
people is at the heart
of everything we do.

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Effektiv Nu

Our mission is to inspire people to succeed in change and to achieve a sustainable working life. This has been our goal ever since Effektiv Nu first opened its doors.


In 2013, Mansur (Manne) Köyluoglu started Effektiv Nu after having struggled with work-related stress for several years. Manne made the decision to change career path and started looking for a smarter way to work.

“The reason I started Effektiv Nu was to help people work smarter, instead of working harder! I wanted to make them realise that there are other ways; to both be able to deliver and at the same time achieve work life balance.”

Manne Köyluoglu

Effektiv Nu has since trained over 20,000 individuals to work smarter and we know it works! With a training course from us, we give people the conditions to grow along with the digital and physical changes in the workplace, as well as to create control in a working life in constant change.


With the rapid changes in society, it has never been more relevant to know how to use one’s technical tools at work. That’s why we are constantly updated when it comes to where Microsoft, Google and other players are driving technological development. In that way, we ensure that our training courses are up to date and are more than happy to adapt content to special wishes or needs.

Curiosity about other people is at the heart of everything we do and helpfulness is our primary tool.”


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Pro bono

As a company, we want to support a range of organisations that work to improve people’s quality of life, research diseases or fight injustice in our society. That’s why we donate two training courses in personal efficiency each year to two organisations so that their employees can work more efficiently to achieve their goals.


Organisations that have received training courses from us:

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund, Bris, the Swedish Brain Foundation, 

ICLDLäkarmissionen, Save the Children,

SOS Children´s Villages

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