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Slam-dunk for Effektiv Nu

Sanna Westerberg is Head of Training at Telenor. She has worked hard to create competitive skills development that everyone at the company can share in. Effektiv Nu has become an important piece of the puzzle in Telenor’s offering to its employees.

Everyone who works to promote skills issues has to prioritise at some point, in order to be successful in their efforts. There are loads of good courses out there, but not all are relevant in this context. Focusing means that you need to opt out of certain things in order to be able to concentrate wholeheartedly on the elements that fit into the company’s business goals.

“Expertise means that we have the desire, the knowledge and the experience required to perform a task. When we connect expertise to the results we as a company want to achieve, we arrive at an insight into what knowledge the staff need in order to perform their duties. To identify the individual building blocks needed, we started by defining a goal,” says Sanna.


Careful evaluation of suppliers

For Telenor’s part, this meant that the company opted to invest in equivalent skills development for the entire company, with some adaptation according to work roles. Everyone, including the company’s management, all attend the same courses, quite simply. The decision was also made to base the concept on a voluntary approach, so that the staff themselves sign up for the courses they are interested in when it fits their schedule.

“The thing that has been most important for us in the selection of suppliers is that the courses we offer our staff are of really high quality. The content must be relevant and good and the course leaders must be able to convey this in the right way. Effektiv Nu has been part of our offering for a while now, and has actually received top marks in the evaluations of all training courses,” says Sanna.


Effektiv Nu’s courses very popular

Sanna has herself completed Effektiv Nu’s course in personal efficiency and estimates that she saves a lot of time every week by applying what she has learned.

“There are very few courses from which I have gained so much in tangible terms, and it therefore feel great that everyone here has the opportunity to take part in this fantastic course,” says Sanna.

And word has spread quickly internally. Effektiv Nu’s courses are always quickly fully booked. The thing that attracts people above all is that they can see that others who have attended the course become more efficient and satisfied with their work situation.

“It’s not exactly easy to explain the setup at Effektiv Nu. I don’t think everyone understands in advance how tangible and hands-on the training is. And this is also one of its biggest assets. The fact that you actually get to sit down and learn the tools for real means that you can apply your knowledge at the end of the course, and you immediately notice a big difference in your day-to-day life,” says Sanna.