“It is easy to apply,
regardless of your
working role.”

Interview with Holistic

Peter Hencz is Chief Executive Officer of Holistic Sweden AB. Holistic is a Swedish knowledge company that develops and sells pure food supplements and Superfood. The company has been named a Gazelle Company by Dagens Industri on four occasions, and been elected Super Company of the Year twice by Veckans Affärer. Peter took over as CEO in January of last year, and before that he had been deputy CEO of the company. Peter’s main task is to build on and develop the company along with the employees in the true Holistic spirit. This work includes setting goals and developing strategies, as well as monitoring employees. In an interview, he talks about his experience of the course with Effektiv Nu.


“We came into contact with Effektiv Nu when they were starting up in 2013 through recommendations. Around 30 employees, mainly from our head office in Norrköping, have completed the Personal Efficiency course. The most recent training initiative was Internal Traffic Regulations. During the workshop, we linked our knowledge from the course, how we can work smarter, with a joint approach, i.e. how we actually work.”


What challenges were you facing before you attended the course?

“Personally, I was receiving large numbers of e-mails, and it used to take a long time to administer these. I often sat processing or sending e-mails outside of my working hours. The biggest challenge was the structure of my own work, although at the time I thought I was well in control. After completing an open training, I had an empty inbox, after which I was able to continue working on creating structure and establishing control over my inbox. E-mails and traffic regulations are closely connected, after all – how we communicate with each other and what approach we should employ in our office landscape. It felt natural to link in that aspect, after so many had completed the basic course in Personal Efficiency.”


What did you think of the course?

“It’s been really positive! The course has really lived up to expectations, and more. I have acquired more structure, freed up my time and achieved greater balance in my life in general. When it comes to creating tasks in one place and having an overview of them, it has provided us with a great deal. I feel like we’ve come a long way in that respect.

“The best things about the course are that it is educationally structured, that it is practical, that we were able to implement the working method directly and that it is easy to apply, whatever your work role. Manne, who led the course for us, was brilliant! He’s well-read and he knows his stuff. He is always there to provide support and give advice and tips.”


What effects have you seen?

“It’s freed up time for us. We spend less time e-mailing and we now have a better overview of our days, what tasks we have to carry out and our planning. We’ve also improved when it comes to focusing on the right things and respecting each other’s time. In other words, we don’t allow ourselves to be interrupted to the same extent in our work, and we all think this is good.”


How are you moving forward after the course?

“Our next step is to implement the Internal Traffic Regulations that we have developed during the workshop. We have agreed on a common approach and we now need to comply with it in practice, follow up on the work and cultivate the development of our traffic regulations so that the process does not grind to a halt.”

When Peter is asked if he would recommend Effektiv Nu’s course to other companies, he replies:

“Yes, we already have! I can highly recommend the course, based on my own personal experience. If it’s worked for us, then it should work for a lot of other people!”