“Good methods
for reducing stress 
at work.”

Effektiv Nu trains key staff at the joint offices of the Swedish Sports Confederation (RF) and SISU Idrottsutbildarna

Are we making the best use of our working hours and our software? To answer this question, the Swedish Sports Confederation and SISU Idrottsutbildarna have allowed their management team and other selected employees to be trained by Effektiv Nu on several occasions.

“We opted for a 3-day course, which was extremely rewarding,” says Jens Lindquist, process and project manager responsible for organisational and management development at SISU and RF.

“Following an evaluation, we at RF/SISU have now decided that a further 20 or so people from our various departments will be attend training with Effektiv Nu. RF/SISU assists Sweden’s 70 sports federations with business development and training issues. The staff at RF/SISU who are now receiving training from Effektiv Nu will then spread this knowledge further within our organisation,” Jens continues.


Would you advise others to take the course?

“Absolutely. We have recently recommended to several of our sports federations that they should take a closer look at Effektiv Nu, and some have already decided to purchase courses. The reason for us recommending Effektiv Nu is due in part to the fact that important discussions are raised during the courses. As course participants, we at RF/SISU were given help in shaping a common view of how the software we have invested in, such as Outlook and Office 365, can be used effectively. The course also provides a great deal of tangible advice that makes it possible to both reduce stress and achieve more efficient working methods. A common thread at an individual level is that the user should control the technology, not the other way around. When I took the course myself, Mansur Köyluoglu was the course leader. He is clear, direct and dares to address the sensitive discussions as well. He constructively challenges certain comfort behaviours that are neither beneficial to you nor to the organisation you work for. Mansur is also good at sharing his personal experiences. This makes him credible and interesting to listen to.”


New Idrottens Hus

Later this year, SISU Idrottsutbildarna, the Swedish Sports Confederation and some 20 special sports federations will be moving to a new Idrottens Hus at Skanstull.

“At that point, the technology will play an even more important role in our day-to-day work. Our goal is to collaborate more and more between the departments after the move, for example with the aim of increasing our accessibility to our members. Effektiv Nu’s courses are very suitable in this respect,” concludes Jens Lindquist.