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Inspirational lecture


Inspirational lecture

About the content

During a lecture with us, the audience is inspired by new thoughts and ideas about how they can handle their everyday work in a different way. Depending on your needs, we can lecture on the topics “Smarter way of working”, “Using technology as leverage”, “Stress management” or “Working/leading in activity-based offices”. The topics can be combined and you decide the length of the lecture. At a longer lecture (2+ hours), more than one topic can be touched upon.

A lecture from us is very well suited for a kick-off, group activity, customer event, theme day etc.

  • Format: Lecture
  • Target audience: Everyone
  • Time: 1-4h
  • Location: Physical/Digital

Purpose and goal

The purpose is to spark interest in the subject and a curiosity to analyse the efficiency of the current way of working.

The goal is for the audience to be inspired to make a change in their way of working and apply the tips provided.


Effektiv Nu offers a tailor-made lecture on working smarter and reducing stress. Examples of content:

  • Identify the consequences of the change
  • Minimise interruptions and free up time
  • Create a sustainable structure
  • Technology as leverage at work (demo):
    • Outlook
    • Phone
    • OneNote
    • M365 (Teams, Planner, Power Automate)
  • Tips and questions!

Location and equipment

The lecture is conducted at the customer’s premises with access to a projector or digitally.


All our training courses and lectures can be completed both physically and remotely!


  • Flexible lecture environment (physical or remote)


Quality guarantee – if you are not satisfied, you do not have to pay!

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